Gemini is a regulated safe and secure cryptocurrency exchange.
Gemini is an extremely popular cryptocurrency trading platform. Much like the platform Coinbase, Gemini offers beginner traders an extremely easy and intuitive trading platform. Additionally, Gemini offers more serious traders a different trading platform that is even more advanced.
One of the successful campaigns that Gemini used to gain users was free stocks for signing up and sharing information about the platform. Perhaps you even signed up originally because of a deal like this!
Marketing events like this have worked because Gemini is a great crypto trading platform. Many users are happy with the platform’s large collection of cryptos fully available to US citizens. Additionally, Gemini has some of the best security features in the industry.
One of the greatest callouts for Gemini’s security features is that a majority of your crypto is kept offline in a cold storage system. This is one of the safest ways to hold crypto as it limits risk to cryptocurrency hackers.
Unfortunately, one piece of Gemini that lags behind competitors is that it is not a commission free trading platform. Trading platforms like Robinhood on the other hand are commission free. In addition to commissions, there are other fees that Gemini charges that are commonplace in the world of cryptocurrency.
The purpose of this article is to help you understand the fees for transacting on the Gemini platform. Hopefully this will help educate you in your effort to determine what trading platform is right for you.
To learn more about all of the advantages of Gemini, be sure to check out their website. While this article will cover some of the advantages of using Gemini, the main purpose is to cover the main fees associated with the Gemini platform.
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